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Flying Colors LLC

Flying Colors Coaching builds on your strengths so your work and life can rise to new heights.

Working Together


You are already successful. You have a track record of big results in your life and with the people you may lead. You learn from your mistakes, then leave them behind in the dust. You take on challenges bigger than you feel are possible, because when you do, you create something beyond what you dreamed. This could be a turnaround on a team. Or a simple shift in the way you see yourself. Either way, you delivered because you leaned on your strengths. 


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We co-create and co-deliver. We bring our collective experience, lessons and curiosities to create solutions that work for today, and build a bridge for tomorrow. We bring your strengths to the center, and we creatively manage around any “mission-critical” weakness. We complement each other, and the more we use our strengths, the more we demand for others to do so too. 

We understand your business outcomes, stakeholder outcomes and personal outcomes. We understand your personal strengths and your organizational capabilities that will make your results possible. We utilize these insights to create practical plans, track the journey, measure the result and we capture our learning. We use creative tools like coaching, facilitation and “best for you” practice sharing to get stuff done. 


Erica Howard
Founder, Flying Colors

I'm a leadership coach, working with clients to design the career, business and life they want, now.  I believe leadership is about clear intention and moment-to-moment choice, not about position, power, prestige. And I believe leadership is for everyone. 


This is you. You’re already successful and you want to inspire more purpose and meaning in your work and life. You want to be about intentional action and leading in the moment. You might be taking advantage of a major opportunity, like leading an acquistion, changing jobs, adapting to a new culture. Or wanting to keep your skills relevant. Or looking for more time to do what matters to you.


No matter the goal "out there", who you are "in there" is how you lead. Leadership is about real "inner work" - the YOU in YOUr LEADERSHIP.  What do you want? What's between what you want and what you have, now? Who are you being that creates this leadership story? 


I believe we there are 4 doorways to finding more of the YOU in YOUr Leadership: 


1. Vision & Strategy


What you want to create as a guiding force for what you do, how you do it. 18 months from now, what would you love to tell your spouse, your family you've created? 


2. Mindset


Awareness of beliefs that define how you show up, e.g., positive, distracted, authentic; getting real about limiting beliefs and how they serve you, or not. What mantra or belief will best support you? 


3. Skillset


Practicing what you do to make your vision real; What are you like at your best? What do you enjoy doing that only uniquely you can do?  


4. Energy


Where you invest: habits, behaviors, people, places, things that give or take your energy. Where do you find the energy to create? What drains you? 


You can’t take anyone any further, any deeper than you have been able to go in your own life. I see the biggest results with my clients and in my own life when I stay centered on how I show up in the world and how I interact with others. When I’m on auto-pilot or acting out of habit, I make more mistakes. When I’m “awake” to what is happening, moment by moment, I create more and inspire others to do the same. I want this for you too as we work together.


My clients tell me I bring a courageous, to-the-point communication style to our conversation, along with innovative ideas and provocative points of view. I’m curious about everyone’s story, especially where you’ve had big wins in your life, and how you achieved them. So far, this approach has brought lots of success (and lessons learned) to clients at Advanced MicroDevices, Alcoa, Cargill, Nike, Westinghouse, in my roles as a consulting engagement leader or as a global corporate leader for talent and culture development initiatives. 


I have an M.S. in Industrial / Organizational Psychology and certifications in StandOut Advantage, MBTI, Profilor 360 Feedback and Strategic Workforce Planning, along with the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI), Hogan Development Survey (HDS), and the Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI). I also bring a Corporate Coaching certification from Coach University and 100+ hours of coaching with leaders and teams. 


I moved to Austin, TX from St. Louis, MO 4.5 years ago with my husband, Cary and 4 cats, wanting to experience life away from my home town. An introvert, I love deep 1x1 conversations, free writing, and creating cool jewelry. 

Erica’s contributions span cross-cultural and cross-functional global teams in the US, Asia and the Middle East. Clients have included companies such as Nike, PRGX USA, Westinghouse, Cargill, Thermadyne, and American Electric Power.

Questions? Thoughts?

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