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Flying Colors LLC

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WIN. Easily. Excellently. Boldly. With Strength.

Flying Colors LLC helps people and organizations win… bigger. When you think of successful people and companies you notice how they stand out – they create followers, they make you feel like you can do anything, they make products that change our lives.  They use their strengths – the unique experiences, talents and points of view – to outpace. Outperform. And thrive. 


This is you. You’re already successful and want to achieve more. You might be leading a technology implementation or a cultural transformation. Or you could be newly promoted, or starting a new career. You may want to improve your leadership presence or turn around a dysfunctional Team. 


No matter what the challenge, when you place your bets on your strengths, you win! And you build strengths-centered teams inspired to win right by your side. Be willing to see yourself. Take action to be yourself. And watch your work and life take flight. 



        Gain the insight and take action that will make your life and work take flight.

Live mindfully, artfully, and heart-fully to lead the way only you can lead. 

Coaching Solutions For Your Biggest Challenges

Employment Branding & Selection



Leader & Talent Development



Succession Readiness



Employee Engagement

Performance Management



Organizational Strategy Mapping



Organization Design



Transition & Change Management

What We Do

Flying Colors helps successful individuals and organizations use strengths-based insights and practices to grow talent and multiply business outcomes. 


Who We Work With

We team up with clients who are looking for creative long-term solutions to big challenges. Together, we build leadership currency by identifying strengths and actions that boost impact. 


We prioritize levers to grow organizational capability. We focus team engagement and energy to accelerate performance.


Our client experience spans multiple industries and a variety of teams, levels of leadership and scope of business challenges. 



In the words of a newly appointed CHRO:


“Erica proved to be an outstanding partner in helping me to rapidly ramp up a new team as well as developing a talent strategy for the company.  While she came highly recommended by a trusted colleague,  I didn’t know Erica so I was putting a lot on the line in working with her. Erica didn’t disappoint. She provided me with a custom workshop design that allowed me to quickly assimilate my team, assess their strengths, and frankly, make some tough decisions in a short amount of time. Erica subsequently led the team and me through a rigorous process to align our talent agenda with our business plan. Neither I nor the Board of Directors could have been more pleased with the final work product!  I would definitely partner with Erica again and would highly recommend her for any and all similar engagements."

In the words of a Six-time C-Suite Leader and Board Chair:


“Erica is remarkable in her ability to help leaders and entire teams tap into their best selves. Twice I have brought Erica into complex team environments to help drive greater self-awareness of leadership behaviors, team unity and peer trust. In spite of initial skepticism and resistance from some, her integrity, unique process and genuine commitment to the work quickly dispelled any misguided notions about executive coaching. I have learned so much about myself and how to be a better leader through my work with Erica.” 

We love to see our clients win...

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